Ariana Grande SUED Over Posting Pictures Of Herself

Ariana Grande likes photos of herself — but she has to be in control of them. It turns out that her social media activity has landed her with a lawsuit too.

Grande is being sued by a photographer because she posted pictures of herself without their consent. This is a very interesting case, to say the least.

TMZ reports that Robert Barbera is taking Grande to court over posting pictures that he took, but he didn’t give her permission to post.

It isn’t clear which photos are the ones causing all of this mess, but they accumulated 3.3 million likes — wow — and you thought that picture of a casserole you put on IG did well with 150 double taps.

Now the photog is wanting $25,000 for each photo. That is a pretty steep price to pay, but it stands to reason that this guy assumes that Ariana Grande can afford it.

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Violet Moore