AirPod Swallowed By Man Works In & Out of His Stomach

A Taiwanese man named Ben Hsu who swallowed an AirPod (the Apple product) in his sleep says that it worked incredibly well after it came out. In the morning, when the man was looking for his AirPod, he couldn’t find it anywhere in the room. After using an App to track the location of the AirPod, Ben realized that he had swallowed the AirPod in his sleep and now it’s in his stomach.

Ben Hsu (Asia Wire)

However, the man reported that he could hear the sounds coming from the AirPod in his stomach. After he went to a hospital to get the AirPod out of his system, the doctors gave him a laxative.

Surprisingly after he got out the AirPod out of his system at a train station in his excrement, he found out that the AirPod still worked, which is no shorter than a miracle.

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Nitish Sharma