After Starbucks Cup, GoT Final Episode Features a WATER BOTTLE ON SCREEN

The Starbucks blunder gave way to many memes and controversy. However, Game of Thrones is back at it again. After that point we all thought there is no possible way for HBO to mess up, and boy, were we wrong?

The finale of Game of Thrones featured an almost unnoticeable bottle of water. The bottle is almost impossible to spot, but still many fans found it. Look hard enough, and you can find the well-concealed bottle behind Samwell Tarly’s foot.

It is hard to find anymore photos of the incident, because the fans only found the bottle during the live broadcast of the finale. It’s possible that by now, the show has made the bottle disappear and you won’t be able to find any footage of it at all.

Credits – Daily Viral

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Nitish Sharma