50 Cent Claims Diddy Was Gonna “KILL” Actor Over DEBT

50 Cent has added Jackie Long to his growing list of targets on Instagram.

In a photo posted on Thursday, 50 Cent demands that Jackie Long pays him now that he has a job at BET.

“@hinikoj how you in a picture with this nia Jackie and he owe me money, now you owe me too. If he don’t pay you gonna pay Monday,” 50 Cent wrote in one of his posts attacking Long. “This punk azz nia @jackielong better give me my money. You on BET now you can have mine by Monday fool. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac.”

Jackie Long fired back in the comments writing, “Nia I gave you 250k you bching about what nia?”

Fifty responded back by saying that he saved Long’s life because Diddy was going to kill him. “Jackie interest Jackie you gotta pay me, Puff was gonna kill you fool. I saved your life nia,” the G-Unit rapper wrote.

Fiddy has since then deleted the Instagram post…

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Steve Carrier

Founder of Thirsty for News & Ringside News