Florida Man ATTACKS Elderly Mother Because She REFUSED To Dress His Mannequin

You just can’t make up the stuff you hear happens in Florida. It is America’s most entertaining crime watch after all. Now another Florida man is behind bars for something that no reasonable human being can understand.

According to WPTV, a Florida man was arrested and charged with
aggravated battery of victim over the age of 65 and domestic battery by strangulation… because his 65-year-old mother wouldn’t dress his mannequin.

This woman was heard screaming: “Help! He’s going to kill me!” so the police were called… the fuzz had no idea what they would be rolling up to… which is usually the case in Florida.

Because the victim told the cops that she and her son were in the backyard when he asked her to “dress his mannequin” — and she didn’t want to… odd that she wouldn’t do that for her son, right?

So what did the dude do? He wouldn’t let mommy back in the house… he blocked her in the doorway. The victim pushed the mannequin down and ran in the house anyway — then he followed her and picked up a small stool before striking his mother several times with it… and then he choked her… with dumplings.

Yes, with dumplings as he shoved them in his poor mother’s mouth and down her throat. Who ever thought of death by dumplings? Only in Florida.

Thankfully, the woman was able to get free and flee the house. This is when their neighbor heard her screaming so she called the police. She needed stitches, but mom will be okay… son is another story.

Her son suffers from bipolar disorder and is known for random violent outbursts… ya don’t say? The police didn’t give him any sympathy and he was promptly arrested.

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Simon Platt

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